How to Hide Last Seen and Blue Tick on WhatsApp

If you want to hide last seen of whatsapp in your mobile or hide blue tick then read this post completely, how to hide whatsapp last seen and how to hide whatsapp blue tick its complete


 How to Hide Last Seen and Blue Tick on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is an instant messaging app and users also get many privacy features in it. In which you want to show or not show the last seen to any user. Also you can set whether users should see blue tick or not. Blue tick means that the user has seen the message. You get many features in WhatsApp.

Both the features are available as an option as there are many users who do not want others to know that they have read the message while reading the message. For this, we have told the complete process here that how you can hide Last Seen and Blue Tick.


How to Hide Last Seen and Blue Tick on WhatsApp

How To Hide Last Seen On WhatsApp - How To Hide WhatsApp Last Seen


Step 1: 

If you also want to hide the last Seen in your WhatsApp, first of all open the WhatsApp app and go to the Settings section.


Step 2: 

Now here you have to go to the Account section and click on the tab of Privacy. Note that any settings you change will be applicable to both the mobile and web versions of the messaging app.


Step 3: 

Now, tap on Last Seen option and set the setting to "Nobody".

Here you will see three options in which "Everyone" will be "My Contacts" and "Nobody" will be the option. By clicking on the first one will be visible to everyone, by clicking on the second one, the contacts saved by you will be visible and in the last Nobody will be visible to anyone. So if you do not want to show WhatsApp Last Seen to anyone, then you have to select the option of Nobody. Also you can change these settings whenever you want.


How To Hide Blue Tick On WhatsApp - How To Hide WhatsApp Blue Tick


If you want that users should not see the blue tick when you read a message, then follow the step-by-step process given below for this.


Step 1: 

For this also you have to first open the WhatsApp app and then open the Settings section.

Step 2: 

Now, click on the option of "Accounts" and tap on the Privacy tab.


Step 3: 

Here you will see the option of "Read Receipt", scroll there and enable it to blue tick on the chat.

Step 4: 

Now if you read someone's message in this way, then the users will not see the blue tick.


Also want to change these settings, you can change whenever you want. And for that these steps have to be followed.

In this way you can hide last seen and blue tick i.e. double tick for users by using this great feature in Facebook owned instant messaging app WhatsApp. If you want to read more news or tutorial articles related to WhatsApp, then you can read by clicking here.


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