Is your iPhone fake? check like this

 Is your iPhone fake? check like this

This phone has a lot of craze in the market. Everyone wants to have iPhones in their hands. In view of such craze of iPhone, fraudsters also become active and take advantage of it. Everyone wants to get an expensive iPhone in any way cheap. Fraud, keeping this thing in mind, removes low-cost iPhone ads online.

Is your iPhone fake? check like this
 Is your iPhone fake? check like this

After making online order and payment, as soon as the phone reaches home, it turns out to be fake. Many such cases have come to the fore. It is difficult to differentiate between real or fake iPhones. To identify it, we are going to tell you some such tips, by which you can identify real and fake.

Check IMEI Number

All iPhones also have an IMEI number. The easiest way to find out if the phone is real or fake. To search for IMEI number, go to Settings and click on General Settings. Click on the about option and go to the bottom. If the IMEI number is not there, then understand that your phone is fake.

Check Operating System

Smartphones work on the Android operating system, but iPhones work on iOS. iOS is completely different from Android in many respects. Many fake iPhones look like iPhones, but the Android system is available inside. To check, go to Settings and tap on Software. iOS has apps like Safari, Health and iMovie. If your iPhone has AI SAB then it's real.

Look carefully at the body of the phone

The body of a duplicate iphone is made from cheap materials. In this case, the fake is slightly different from the real model. At first sight, you will find the phone real, but after looking carefully, you will understand how different the design of the phone is. The notch, frame and camera module should be looked at very carefully. iPhones do not come with type c port, so check the charging port as well.

Arrive at Apple Store immediately upon detection of counterfeit

There are many such cases where people have bought iphones from online websites and have turned out to be fake. If you have understood from the IMEI number, operating system, body that the phone is fake, then immediately go to the nearest Apple Store. During this, take your phone with you. So that you can register your complaint.

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